How to Get Free Lessons from the Best Universities of the World


The University of Oxford has introduced the first massive and open online lectures, becoming the most prestigious institution that joins the online course movement.

Oxford, who took first place in the rankings of universities for 2016-2017, announced that it would offer courses for the economy from February 2017 in partnership with EdX, an online platform founded by Havard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ).

Ever since online courses became popular in 2011, millions of students from all over the world have enrolled in massive courses, which are available to everyone, wherever they have access to the Internet.

Courses online such as Coursera (, EdX ( and Udacity ( in the United States United and FutureLearn ( in the UK have partnerships with hundreds of universities, nonprofit organizations and institutions to provide these services. Coursera and EdX dominate the online courses market, with 35.6% and 18.1% respectively. In 2015, Coursera had a total of 17 million students enrolled in his books. The best universities that offer online courses are California Technician, Havardi, Massatchusetts Technology Institute, Stanford, Sorbonne, Beijing and most recently Oxford.

Oxford’s Open Online Course, Out of Poverty: Understanding Economic Growth, will be led by Sir Paul Collier, Professor of Economics and Public Policy.

Creating modern, open and online courses

2011-Stanford University will open three free courses for anyone with a network connection. One of them, the online artificial intelligence course provided by Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig, draws over 160,000 students. Backed by this success, Thrun and Nrovid built a business model for online teaching, Udacity.

2012- The popularity of Stanford courses inspired other universities to deliver online courses and two new platforms were developed: Coursera and EdX. NewYork Times would write “Year of Online Courses”.

2013- Open University created its online FutureLearn online platform, offering courses from British universities.

2014- The number of universities offering online courses doubled to more than 400. 22 of the 25 best universities in the US already offered online courses.

2015- The number of students enrolled in at least one online course was 35 million, from 16 to 18 million in 2014.

2016- The Oxford University announced its first online course, a move that will strengthen the credibility of online courses.