6 things Samsung Galaxy S8 does better than iPhone


The best and biggest screen

Samsung S8 has a rectangular HD clarity.

Only iPhone 7 Plus has a clarity P. 1080
It also has a longer screen that Samsung has been removed from the Home button S8 model.

Iris scanning and facial

Samsung has made another step in terms of phone security. He added the iris scanning technology and face. While iPhone only has the option of identification through touch, which enables and Samsung.

Fast charging

Samsung Galaxy S8 allows charging via USB gateway, which is faster than the iPhone charger fishi. iPhone does not have this capability yet, but rumors that this may be a new option in the model will be launched this fall.

Expanded memory

Samsung S8 has space for a MicroSD card. It allows an additional memory up to 256GB. With an iPhone memory is limited to 32GB, 128GB, or 256GB.

Many browsers

You can not change the browser as the iPhone can make a Samsung S8. This means that all links open an application from Apple always open in Safari.


Space headphone is removed from the iPhone 7, and Samsung decided S8 saving it. So you do not have to buy additional fishin mounted to the headset or headphones with new wireless.