How to become a millionaire before 30 years old


How to become a millionaire is a taboo subject. To say that you can become such without reaching the 30s seems fantasy. It should not be taboo, but can become a reality. At the age of 21, he left the university without any money in your pocket and debt, and when I was 30, I was already a millionaire.

Here are 10 steps to ensure that you too can become a millionaire when you reach your 30s:

Follow the money. In today’s economic climate can not reach the status of millionaire just saving. The first step is to focus on revenue growth and do it again. My monthly income was $ 3,000, and nine years later reached $ 20,000 per month. Start to follow the money and it will lead you to strengthen your income and notice opportunities.
Do not boast, but Be different! I did not buy my first hour or expensive luxury car just in time to my businesses and investments to ensure a safe flow and revenue multiple. When I was a millionaire, I am still riding my a Toyota Camry. Prove yourself about ethics at work, and not for jingles for which spending.
Save to invest, not to save to save. The only way to save your money is to invest it. Put your money in safe and untouchable account. For nothing in the world do not touch this money, even for emergencies. This will make sure to follow the first step (increase revenue). To date, at least two times a year, remained those kids broke because they always pour extra money into such projects to which I have no access.
Avoid debt that can not repay. Make it your rule, you should never use debt you do not bring profits. The only reason why I once owed to buy a car, was that I was convinced that it would bring more profits. rich people borrow to provide higher returns and increase cash flows. The poor borrow to buy items that make the rich richer more.
Treat the money as a / loving jealous. Millions of people want to have financial independence, but only those who make it a priority earn millions. To be rich and continue to be such a must-do priority. Money is like a jealous love. Ignore and ignore, or worse yet, she will leave you for someone else who has it a priority.
Money never sleeps. Money does not care about the time, schedules or holidays, the same thing you should do well. Money love people who have a high work ethic. When I was 26-years old, I worked in retail trade and the store where I worked, shut the doors at 7 pm. Most of the time you can find me there making me extra sales until 11 pm. Never try to be the smartest or the luckiest, what we need to do is make sure that your people are working diligently.
It makes no sense to be poor. I was poor and sucks! She had been fed and this condition is also slander me. Remove from the mind the idea that makes you think that being poor is somewhat normal. Bill Gates says: “If you were born poor, is not your fault. What if it dies this is your fault. ”
Take a millionaire mentor. The majority of us have grown up in the middle class or lower social and we handle ourselves within the boundaries and ideas of this class. Take a personal millionaire mentor and study it. Many rich people are extremely generous with their knowledge and resources.
‘Have’ to work your money to make the toughest jobs. Investing is like ‘Sesame caves’ on the way to being a millionaire and you’ll need to earn more from ‘work’ your money than your job. If you do not produce money from money, will not be able to invest. The second business that I began asking $ 50,000 initial investment. But then it provided the company return $ 50,000 every month for 10 years. My third project was in real estate, for which I invested $ 350,000, a large portion of my net worth at the time. What real estate’ve still today under possession, which continues to generate income. The purpose of the investment is the only reason to take other steps to have your money work for you.
Shoot with $ 10 million, not $ 1 million. The only financial error, perhaps the greatest that I made is that I am not smart enough show. I encourage you to invest more than $ 1 million. There is no shortage of money on this planet, those who are missing are the only people who are open-minded