Now Skype translates your voice into 10 different languages in real time

With the invention of the internet, the world has never been more connected than today. Distances are negligible and easily you can talk to someone who is 12 time zones away from you. While technology advances, more and more barriers are broken and soon, language, one of our biggest obstacles, can not be a problem.

Microsoft and Skype have just increased their newest feature of Skype program: a translation service in real time. Let’s say, for example, you speak only English and the person with whom you speak only Greek I know. Suffice it to connect to Skype, and when you speak in English, Skype will instantly translate Native conversation in Greek, accompanied by a synthetic voice in the background. And when the other person answers back to Spanish, Skype would automatically translate it into your language. This not only solves the problem of language communication, but also makes you makes you feel like you’re talking to the person.

For the moment, only 10 languages ​​are available for this service, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian and Japanese. This option is enabled in Skype and Microsoft Translator live. If your language is not listed, do not panic! Skype offers a text translation over 60 languages. Of course, you can not use voice or video chat, but you can talk message chat. This innovation is not only useful only for social and business purposes, but is also fantastic for the scientific community.

This technology allows more scientists from around the world to cooperate with each other to understand our world and its laws and inventing new things, even if they do not speak each other’s language. Increasing the efficiency and functionality of these translations in real time, it allows these partnerships to be widely available.

A good news for the those who use Skype, let’s hope that soon and Albanian language have a translation service.