Amazon is seeking 5,000 people to work from home

You certainly have entered the Amazon site at least a few times to see technological products or fashion, TV shows and music, so why not turn your obsession one work?

The company has just announced that it plans to create more than 5,000 new jobs part time over the next year. The best part? You can work from home. Yes, you will be able to work for Amazon standing in pajamas.

The works are included in the company’s virtual program for customer service, which allows employees to work from home as a customer service agent. If employees work 20 hours a week, they will receive benefits (life insurance and insurance fully paid dental) and could benefit from “Amazon Choice Career”, a program that will prepay 95% of online courses in various fields .

“There are many people who want or need a part-time job, a college student or a single parent and we are happy to strengthen these talented people,” said Tom Weiland, vice-president for Amazon customer service worldwide.

Amazon also plans to create more than 25,000 part-time jobs in its fulfillment centers across the US, and 100,000 full-time during the next 18 months. These full-time positions will be located throughout the country and will include positions as an engineer and software developer.

E-Sports, a new industry that is booming

One of the biggest tournaments in the world games, “League of Legends World Championship” had a price of $ 2 million in 2016.
League of Legends is the most played game on the planet computer. According to developers Riot Games, in 2016 more than 100 million people have played each month.

Not only it is played by a large number of players, but the League of Legends is followed in Twitch platform with 99.19 million hours viewed in 2016.

But LoL it is just a platform for an industry which is growing day by day and is expected to generate $ 1.5 billion in 2020.

Soon Instagram will work offline

Some parts of Instagram will soon work offline.

The company is experimenting with offline experience for users in countries where the Internet signal is weak.

According to a description titled “Building Offline Experience for Instagram,” the company is testing ways in which people can act and engage with content without Internet access.

But how this will be possible, it is still unclear.

Instagram is testing offline features to make the use of this application much simpler in developing countries.

Given that most of the 600 million application users are outside the US, expanding in areas where connection to the internet is difficult to find, this will be a major step for future growth.