The Jaguar brings the new E-Pace model

The Jaguar has discovered the newest E-Pace model, expected to “zap” the car salon early next year.

This is the second Jaguar SUV model after the F-Pace model, which was rated as successful.

E-Pace’s presentation took place during a ceremony held at the London ExCel Center, where the car showed its skills, performing a spin in the showroom.

The initial price for Jaguar E-Pace is expected to be around 35,000 euros.

Mercedes Benz brings taxis without drivers

‘War’ car to walk alone, without a driver has long since begun and how much more ‘fighters’ are joining.
Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes Benz, announced yesterday that it is planning to bring its taxis to walk within three years.

German giant is the latest company making that promise. Ford and BMW have promised the same thing in 2021. While General Motors and Waymo (Google) and they have decided to join innovation for cars that steer themselves.

Uber turn is testing this concept since September last year in Pittsburgh.