These 10 companies are the best in the US for attracting and hiring the best talent, according to LinkedIn data.

1. Google

In the race for profits, few are those who can surpass Google. The company indicated generous with its 60,000 employees with tons of food, speakers, A-list, masazhime in working position with benefits after death. The company cares deeply about the happiness of employees, studying strictly how to build the perfect squad. It does not allow managers to make decisions about hiring new employees and bases payment on the job, not on the main salary to someone, to close the gender gap, according to Laszlo Bock, Google’s Chief Human Resources.

2. Salesforce

While planning the new office in San Francisco, Salesforce design took advice from an unusual source: Buddhist monks. They have visited CEO Marc Benioff (in the picture) and suggested to add to the quiet work space environments. So Salesforce heard, building area and meditation room on each floor of the new tower. Software Provider “cloud” has very seriously welfare, “employees can not run the Customers to success, if at first you can not look after themselves,” Benioff told to LinkedIn. It continues to employ 20,000 people and is known for its high growth, payments above the market average and philanthropy. “Salesforce” has long offered voluntary vacation time from work, but to pay. Last year made from six working days to 7 working days.

3. Facebook

When competing for the well- engineers and an army of them need every year -in a culture which bring them in the door, it is not only a competitive advantage, but should definitely owned. Facebook promises that those people who are builders will have much work to do in the company: managers “leaving them free to” get their projects. Also, there are many benefits for life outside the office. Last year, Facebook expanded program of paid maternity leave from four months to all those who work full time. An additional, business power. Incomes have increased by more than 40% for 14 quarters. While the life of a startup becomes harder, become more powerful appeal to ‘landed’ in a company ‘paradise as Facebook. According to the reporting period of “Top Attractors”, Facebook grew by 34% in the employment of young people at work.

4. Apple

Last year, Apple introduced a new benefit, issuing shares with restriction on most of its 100,000 employees. Movement of unprecedented among companies that have a broad base of employees paid by hourly rates in the retail sector, brought enthusiasm LinkedIn. But are “transformative” Apple products that matter in “the essence of konsmumatorëve satisfaction”, said last summer’s HR chief. While CEO Tim Cook jokes that Apple “has more secret than the CIA,” the former employee explode on LinkedIn about talented colleagues and great flexibility. The company is also deiversifikohet: during the last 12-month period has employed 11,000 women, an increase of 65%.

5. Amazon

Amazon had the ambition of being “store everything.” Now is that journey of being “everything.” Given that the activities and services are diverse: cloud computing, equipment manufacture, distribution, etc. drone. Its needs to hire people are different and demanding. Amazon had some criticism after the New York Times called it a “rather gloomy,” a characterization that an engineer Amazon put it. Our data show that the NYT had no major impact: Applications for work in the Amazon increased by 25% from last year. The company provides fantastic wage workers and options such as “The Career Choice program from Amazon” (Amazon Career Choice Program), which pays 95% of the school fees for areas that request. Also, women in technology are supported; “Amazon Women in Engeneering” provide ongoing mentorship.

6. Uber

Uber, it has become one of the elite destinations technology for engineers, operations and product managers. The recruitment process Uber makes you bring a cold sweat, but worth it. It may be different for independent directors contracted the car, but officials 6,700 employees to support Uber Uber with entuzizazëm the mission to change machine parts. “Unicorni” The estimated so far, with $ 62.5 billion, Uber operates in 444 cities around the globe. As has its critics, Uber has no problem to attract talents who seek to change the world: it is seeking to transport not only people, but everything is a fearless and patroness of the car without a driver.

7. Microsoft

Microsoft continues to be a magnet for technologists looking for work. At its campus in Redmond, Washington, the company offers restaurants, cafés, 37 seats for espresso, shops and a sports field. Another benefit for candidates is unique ways Microsoft career development, “an individual adventure,” otherwise called. Its 118,000 employees are encouraged to establish the way they want for themselves, working to become a specialist or generalist. Microsoft provides resources for career mentoring, training and 2,000 training programs.

8. Tesla

Tesla has one of the most sound assessments of public opinion in high technology: a value of $ 32 billion and a workforce of 13,000 people. It has recruited new specialists in the field of Engineering at the cars without a driver, a group of people whose hearts and minds are facing titans like Apple, Google and a dozen other technology companies. Trying to make the dream a reality, it requires people to design, IT, sales, customer service and corporate-trandicionale roles Tesla has more than 1,000 listings for work solely on LinkedIn. Founder Elon Musk says he prefers the rules of the company than the company’s values. A rule, which stated last year at a conference: Employees, whose look was a waste of time working meetings are expected to rise to leave.

9. Twitter

Weeks after he was named CEO last fall, Jack Dorsey announced that it would give a third of punonjësit- shares for an amount which at the time was worth about $ 200 million. unusual movement got much praise on the Internet and what is most important, many celebrations of Twitter employees. Since then, the company distributes many other benefits, such as full 20 weeks of paid maternity leave for full-time employees. Fort Jon Dorsey told CNBC that he inspired seeing the Golden State Warriors and fighting for the same “electricity” between 3,800 Twitter employees.

10. Airbnb

Appeal to Airbnb wrote a former employee at LinkedIn, is this: “Airbnb is a travel company (very good), which solves problems using the Startup and innovation initiatives.” The company is a demanding employer, not just because of his widely admired business, is a “unicorn” most valuable, but also because of its culture, which fosters a sense of “belonging,” has been shown to LinkedIn company. Offices are equipped with the kind of detail that every household Airbnb visitor will appreciate, reception areas with oriental carpets, meeting rooms diznejuara by folk motifs, very lemonade made in home conditions. The company pushes employees to avoid line “of being crazy” and seeks to inspire a sense of adventure offering travel vouchers to experience Airbnb properties.

Inspirational quote by Will Smith

Will Smith has a success story that anyone would have envied. He is one of the few artists who has had a great success in three different areas of entertainment: TV, movies and music.

In 80 years, he began as a rapper under the name “Fresh Prince” with a modest success, but his fame grew rapidly after taking the lead role in the television series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. When the series ended, Smith moved to other films with major roles. Smith has played in some of the most successful films of Hollywood’s like Men In Black, iRobot, The Pursuit of Happyness, Ali, and Bad Boys. He is the only player with eight consecutive films that have earned more than 100 million dollars just from tickets sold.

Through films, love for life and his speeches, he has become an inspiration to millions of people worldwide.

These are some of the most inspirational sayings that Will Smith will be encourage to come to work all your potential:

“The first step is to say that you can.”

“Many people spend money that does not have earned themselves, to buy things they do not want, to impress people they do not like.”

“I wake up every morning believing that today will be better than yesterday.”


“Life is not measured by the moments when breathing are the moments that are breathtaking.”

“Fear is not true. The only place where there may be a fear is in our thoughts for the future. It is a product of our imagination, we are afraid of things that are not present and there. Do not get me wrong the risk is real, but the fear is a choice. ”

“Money and success do not change people; they simply meet something that has always been there. ”

“You do not need a plan B because it distracts you from Plan A.”

“In my mind I’ve always been a superstar Hollywood, but the rest of you still do not know.”

“If you do not fight for what you want, do not weep for those who will lose.”


“Being realistic is just the way that leads to mediocrity.”

“If you are not present during my difficulties do not expect you to be there in my success.”

“If you are not making life better someone else, then you are losing your time. Your life improves when you make the lives of other people better. ”

“Do not follow people. Be yourself, do your stuff and works hard. real people – those who belong in your life – will come to you own. And they will stay forever. ”

“Sharing the talent and ability is one of the most misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel, who have dreams and want to achieve more. Talent is natural. Ability only takes hours and hours and hours to improve your craft. ”

“I’ve never seen myself as a special talent. Where I shine the work ethic is ridiculous, disgusting. You should know that when others are asleep, I’m working. ”

“I do not know what is my mission, but I want to be here for a great cause. I try to be as wonderful people who lived in this world. “